How To Inspect a Used Car You Wish to Buy

Tips For Used Car Inspection

Buying a used car can be a fun but also stressful endeavour. If you’re buying a used car for the first time and you have decided what kind of car you’d like to buy, you will notice that with some research there are a lot of price variances based on the car you wish to buy. This is because of many factors.

Age of the Car

The age of the car will definitely affect the purchase price. Of course, a classic car can sell for many thousands of dollars above the original price, but a car that is anywhere from 3-10 years old will have depreciated massively from the original purchase price. This is why used cars are such a great deal, because you can get a nearly used one for a fraction of the price that the original owner paid for it. So once you have decided on the car you like, you will see that body styles change over the years of that cars’ production. Find the body style you like based on the year. For example, the body style may be the same for a 3 year period. You then have the option of searching for that car based on those years. From year 1 to 3 the price can be quite drastic, thus saving you thousands. The downside to this is that as cars get older, things tend to wear out. Newer is better, but you also have to consider maintenance and how the car was driven. The signs are there for abuse, and this guide will help you find that out.


Mileage is also a big factor when it comes the the purchase price of a used car. For example, two identical Mercedes-Benz cars can have a significant difference in price due to the mileage. The higher the mileage, the lower the price, this is just a general statement because you have to consider other factors as well. A highway driven car with more mileage could be in better shape than a car with half the mileage that was city driven and shows signs of abuse. The rule of thumb is don’t focus too much on mileage, consider it a factor but don’t let it dictate your choice of another vehicle with less mileage.

Condition of the Vehicle

If a car has signs of abuse and neglect, or worse, evidence of an accident, chances are the price tag will be much lower than average of vehicles in the same class and year. This is where you need to be very diligent and realistic when you see a much lower price tag on comparable vehicles. Sure there may be a reason such as a bad market or the dealer trying to get rid of overhead, but the car needs to be vetted by having it inspected for issues.

This brings us to the purpose of this article. Many customers will read online about a car, listen to opinions from other people and base their purchase on positive reviews. Sure, a car may have a great reputation for resale value, reliability, safety, etc, but if that particular car has issues, what good is all that?

We have created an infographic that will help you to do an inspection on any car that you look at. Most of these points can be performed with ease, others may take some effort. At Dupont Auto Centre we are very transparent with our pre-owned vehicles so whether you’re interested in a used BMW, or if you prefer an Audi or even possibly a used Volkswagen, you are free to come in and check the vehicle as thoroughly as you wish.



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