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Let’s face it, people who opt for a BMW go beyond the price they pay for it. Of course, BMW is a luxury, whether it is a new model or a used BMW x3 xDrive28i. The money for which this car is paid does not come from the depths of the owners’ pockets but from the heights that their pride in its ownership brings them!

Price and Pride

Certainly, the price and pride do not happen just like that; they are values that accrue from the benefits, advantages, features, performance, and other superior amenities that only a BMW car can deliver.

Take The BMW x3 xDrive28i

If you have previously owned a BMW x3 xDrive28i, you would surely fall in love with this marvelous machine for all the right reasons:

1. Pride in ownership – The BMW emblem represents a top exclusive iconic class of its [...]

The Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 s is a very sought after vehicle that gets a lot of attention from car enthusiasts.  Under the hood it has a 4liter, twin turbo V8 with 502 HP.  The rear wheels are driven by a very slick 7 speed automatic gearbox with paddle shifters and a limited slip differential for very good traction. The acceleration on this car is phenomenal at 0-60 MPH in just 3.8 seconds if you are using the launch control feature.

The car features speed sensitive rack and pinion steering with electric power assistance.  The steering wheel is a multi-function 3 spoke flat bottom wrapped in Napa leather. There is an option for a suede steering wheel as well. The AMG has a quicker steering ratio than a standard C-Class which results in faster response and greater agility.

Mercedes-Benz AMG C63s


While similar in concept the [...]

BMW is revered by many as one of the world’s best luxury cars manufacturers. This is a position that it has rightfully earned, as it is constantly producing great car after great car, and seems to have a knack for outdoing itself with every new model it makes. Two traits distinguish BMW cars from other cars- style and design. These cars blend functionality with beauty, and it is therefore no surprise that the cars are immensely popular. Here is a list of the top 5 BMW cars you should give some thought to as you consider what car to buy.

BMW i8

bmw i8

If there is one word that describes this car accurately, it is stylish. Its sporty looks will make heads turn in your direction as you cruise through places. The car is also [...]

The idea of owning a luxury car is quite appealing. The prestigious badges, swoopy lines, and glossy paints speak of success in life, while the high-tech devices and the scented interior leather surfaces allow the owner to travel in elegance and comfort. As the great fashion icon Coco Chanel said, “Luxury must be comfortable. Otherwise, it is not luxury.” Before setting foot in a dealership, here is a detailed guide on five things you should look out for when buying a luxury used car.

1. Price

When you are shopping for an expensive luxury car you still need to formulate a budget. Budgeting will save you lots of time and energy in finding the high-end car you love. Regardless of your financial situation, you still need to make a sound investment that is of great value for [...]

Launching globally in the next couple of months is the new Porsche 718 Cayman. “What is 718?” you might be asking. It’s Porsche’s new number designation for the product family that will include all variations of the Boxster and Cayman. So now you’ll say “Porsche 718 Cayman S” in the same way you’d say “Porsche 911 Targa S”. So, what’s new about the 718 Cayman? Join me as I introduce you to some of the features that makes this automobile earn the description ‘the road master’.


The exterior styling has obviously undergone a complete revamp. Prominent air scoops front and sides and a lower side profile give the new 718 more athletic feel, and the sharper profile of the front end makes for a more aggressive appearance. The new front end also boasts revamped bi-xenon headlights with integrated LED daytime running lights, and there is the option of LED headlights with four-point daytime running [...]

The world famous Concours d’ Elegance in Pebble Beach California, saw the unveiling of the much anticipated 750 HP Mercedes Maybach 6 last week. The Maybach S600 sedan has sparked conversations and questions about potential competitors in its class, way beyond its debut at Monterey Car Week, on the Monterey Peninsula.

The Maybach is beautiful. There is no question about it and if you are a fan of classic cars, then this one will steal your heart with its long hood, low roofline and classic gull-wing doors. Coming in at 18.5 feet long, the Maybach is a luxurious package from front to read, and its manufacturers have likened aspects of its design to a luxury yacht.

The aerodynamic Maybach is as fast as it is beautiful and soon dispels any misgivings critics may have about its limitations as an electric car, with an astounding 550 KW, or 750 HP capabilities. Added to this, the shallow [...]

With so many companies working on new car concepts from alternative fuel sources to self-driving cars to touch screen operations to brand new designs, it is an exciting time in the automotive industry. BMW, Mercedes, and Audi are among the top brands bringing some of the greatest innovations to cars in the coming years. These titans are competing against each other to bring the drivers the best innovation that the car world has seen in decades. Of course, at the forefront of this quest is the race to see who will create the most reliable self-driving car. These plans begin now and expand for a hundred years into the future. You read that right: car companies are actually planning their car models one-hundred years into the future.

To start, Mercedes is introducing an all new vehicle line for 2017: the AMG-GLC43.

This SUV is described [...]

Go big or go home. Car manufacturers are making big promises to customers for the future. Will they be able to deliver or go home red-faced?

Let’s explore a few car concepts currently on the drawing board.


Subsequent to their 100th birthday, BMW announced an avant-garde concept – Vision Next 100. Their subsidiaries, Rolls-Royce and Mini are going for their own slice of the future.

The Rolls-Royce model 103EX, a regal coupe, is just shy of 20 feet in length, and a composite of old and Über-modern. Their big promise – this model represents the pinnacle of luxury, “personal experience, effortless travel, a relaxing sanctuary and a grand arrival”.

Prominent features include: no steering wheel, car is self-driving, in-car personal assistant ‘Eleanor’ can bring car to you. She studies your likes and dislikes and recommends restaurants, hotels, etc., interior décor luxurious, large OLED display screen. Upon arrival at your destination, the coupe glows “from [...]

Mercedes and BMW are two highly coveted car manufacturers that directly compete in most segments of the auto market. Both companies are prominent in the luxury segment, while both also provide sporting coupes and crossover SUVs. In any particular model year, they are definitely two companies to watch, and 2016 will be no different. Two model ranges that will be incredibly competitive are the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes E Class.

Both will offer executive saloons, and both come with prestigious badges and advanced features, but how will the market be able to choose between the two? In some cases it will come down to brand loyalty, but for some buyers, the choice won’t be so clear, as both manufacturers are offering some compelling, yet similar features.

Lightweight Manufacturing and Power Efficiency

In an effort to bring down weight and increase performance, both cars will be lighter this year. Manufacturer claims show that weight [...]

Between the two of them, BMW and Audi make up a huge percentage of the worldwide luxury and performance car markets. Both highly desirable brands with long histories in the automobile industry and motorsports, the two are direct competitors in all of the markets that they operate in. Both companies have their development teams and marketers looking towards the future, but it can be hard for consumers to know which brand to back, and where their future purchase would be best made.

Power and Efficiency are Key

Despite both manufacturers having a strong racing pedigree, many of their future models will focus on efficiency, rather than raw power.

BMW has displayed this interest in efficiency and new technologies, most importantly with the BMW 330e.
This car incorporates a traditional petrol engine with a rechargeable electric motor, providing maximum efficiency for city and highway [...]

The Mercedes line of luxury vehicles has long led the pack of consumers who enjoy driving the best cars that feature cutting edge technology. There are a number of new cars waiting in the wings to put tires to pavement and slice through the wind to join those already in the fast lane. Some of these are in the concept phase others have been built on the traditions and workmanship of previous generations, adding a twist of their own to the legacy of high end automobiles that are a fun gratifying challenge to drive.

Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse Cabrio ( A 217 ) 2015. S 500 mit AMG-Line, Alanitgrau magno, Leder bengalrot/schwarz

The S Class Cabriolet is one of the newer models; it is a convertible with a sweet styling design that allows for the control of [...]

The 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-class is packed full of advanced technology.

As ever with a new Mercedes-Benz S-class, there’s power in the numbers; 100 electric motors, 360-degree vision and 20 driver-assistance systems.

An aluminium-clad steel monocoque that is 220lb lighter, 50 per cent stiffer and more aerodynamic than its predecessor. That means an overall 20 per cent improvement in economy and, as if that wasn’t enough, this autumn’s plug-in hybrid version will better 95mpg and emit less than 75g/km of CO2 – quite something for a 16ft 9.4in (5m) long, two-ton saloon.

The S-class is most often found lurking outside investment banks, company headquarters and swanky hotels, chauffeurs catnapping and an ironed copy of the pink ’un on the back seat. A similar sense of calm is supposed to permeate the driving experience; the technology works so you don’t have to.


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