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The Top 2 Luxury Cars of the Future

With so many companies working on new car concepts from alternative fuel sources to self-driving cars to touch screen operations to brand new designs, it is an exciting time in the automotive industry. BMW, Mercedes, and Audi are among the top brands bringing some of the greatest innovations to cars in the coming years. These titans are competing against each other to bring the drivers the best innovation that the car world has seen in decades. Of course, at the forefront of this quest is the race to see who will create the most reliable self-driving car. These plans begin now and expand for a hundred years into the future. You read that right: car companies are actually planning their car models one-hundred years into the future.

To start, Mercedes is introducing an all new vehicle line for 2017: the AMG-GLC43.

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This SUV is described as “powerful and athletic” and with one look, you can see why. It is engineered with Sport Suspension and can accelerate from 0 mph to 60 mph in only five seconds. It is one of their most innovative vehicles in years, with its reliability and ability to travel on so many surfaces with ease. Mercedes also plans to introduce eleven new models by 2020, each of which will be just as forward-thinking as the AMG-GLC43. This is all being accomplished while looking for ways to compete with companies like Apple, Google, and Tesla who are working on their own innovative automobile technologies. The goal of them all is to create a car that people will trust enough to drive them, as a majority of people are still quite weary of self-driving cars.

Next on the innovation forefront, Audi is taking a more minimalist approach to the future, but that does not mean that their technology is lacking. In fact, It means the opposite. The company has plans to eliminate the need for car keys and the dashboard buttons. This will encourage a sleeker design and easier operation. Instead of buttons on the dash, the Audi will be fully equipped with the Haptic touchscreens, meaning that they will buzz, vibrate, and beep when you touch them. There are currently touchscreen technologies in cars, but none like this. Of course, Audi is also looking into self-driving automobiles.

Finally, BMW is quite possibly the most forward-thinking, as they have just revealed a car that they envision people driving in 100 years. They call it the BMW Vision, and it looks like it belongs in a science fiction film. It is sleek with tinted windows that looks like it can hit the highest of speeds. This concept car comes complete with the covered wheels and moving triangles embedded into the dashboard to communicate with the driver. It can switch from manual to self-driving mode in a cinch.

The car race is real. These car companies are more future driven than ever before, because with all these expanding technologies, it is important that they make the most of them.

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  • Chris F.| July 28, 2017 at 11:58 am Reply

    I’ve always liked BMW cars being second to none in my humble opinion. But by the time the year 2100 arrives dreaming about cars won’t be on my wish lists. Self driving cars doesn’t sound as far-fetched as one might think. And petro fueled vehicles won’t be an issue. Now if they could just build a time machine.

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