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BMW is revered by many as one of the world’s best luxury cars manufacturers. This is a position that it has rightfully earned, as it is constantly producing great car after great car, and seems to have a knack for outdoing itself with every new model it makes. Two traits distinguish BMW cars from other cars- style and design. These cars blend functionality with beauty, and it is therefore no surprise that the cars are immensely popular. Here is a list of the top 5 BMW cars you should give some thought to as you consider what car to buy.

BMW i8

bmw i8

If there is one word that describes this car accurately, it is stylish. Its sporty looks will make heads turn in your direction as you cruise through places. The car is [...]

With so many companies working on new car concepts from alternative fuel sources to self-driving cars to touch screen operations to brand new designs, it is an exciting time in the automotive industry. BMW, Mercedes, and Audi are among the top brands bringing some of the greatest innovations to cars in the coming years. These titans are competing against each other to bring the drivers the best innovation that the car world has seen in decades. Of course, at the forefront of this quest is the race to see who will create the most reliable self-driving car. These plans begin now and expand for a hundred years into the future. You read that right: car companies are actually planning their car models one-hundred years into the future.

To start, Mercedes is introducing an all new vehicle line for 2017: the AMG-GLC43.

This SUV is described [...]

Between the two of them, BMW and Audi make up a huge percentage of the worldwide luxury and performance car markets. Both highly desirable brands with long histories in the automobile industry and motorsports, the two are direct competitors in all of the markets that they operate in. Both companies have their development teams and marketers looking towards the future, but it can be hard for consumers to know which brand to back, and where their future purchase would be best made.

Power and Efficiency are Key

Despite both manufacturers having a strong racing pedigree, many of their future models will focus on efficiency, rather than raw power.

BMW has displayed this interest in efficiency and new technologies, most importantly with the BMW 330e.
This car incorporates a traditional petrol engine with a rechargeable electric motor, providing maximum efficiency for city and highway [...]

The 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-class is packed full of advanced technology.

As ever with a new Mercedes-Benz S-class, there’s power in the numbers; 100 electric motors, 360-degree vision and 20 driver-assistance systems.

An aluminium-clad steel monocoque that is 220lb lighter, 50 per cent stiffer and more aerodynamic than its predecessor. That means an overall 20 per cent improvement in economy and, as if that wasn’t enough, this autumn’s plug-in hybrid version will better 95mpg and emit less than 75g/km of CO2 – quite something for a 16ft 9.4in (5m) long, two-ton saloon.

The S-class is most often found lurking outside investment banks, company headquarters and swanky hotels, chauffeurs catnapping and an ironed copy of the pink ’un on the back seat. A similar sense of calm is supposed to permeate the driving experience; the technology works so you don’t have to.


The Audi RS6 Avant is a practical family estate car with supercar-rivalling performance.

The Audi RS6 Avant is a large, luxurious estate car that weighs almost two tonnes, yet it accelerates from 0 -60mph a second faster than a Porsche Cayman S.
The all-new RS6 Avant also gets two turbos but, in line with the continuing trend for downsizing, it gets a 4.0-litre V8. Peak power is down from its predecessor’s 571bhp to 552bhp but peak torque rises from 479lb ft to 516lb ft.

As with previous RS6 models, the latest version has permanent four-wheel drive as standard. A new (mechanical) centre differential gives a 40/60 front/rear torque split in “normal” driving, but it can send up to 70 per cent to the front wheels or 85 per cent to the rear wheels if necessary.

There’s also a differential that distributes [...]

Plug-in hybrids like the BMW i8 are coming. Influential industry figures think they are the only way the motor industry will meet the EU’s proposal of a corporate average of 95g/km CO² emissions by 2020.

Its precursor was the 2009 Vision Efficient Dynamics concept, for which BMW had no production intention. The company’s eco “i Project” was all about the i3 electric supermini, but the orgiastic reception for this futuristically transluscent two-plus-two forced the mastodons of Munich to reconsider.

The body shape was retained, including the most audacious automotive flying buttresses since the Jaguar XJ-S, although the production i8 is a little bit shorter, with cleaned up aerodynamics, working air intakes and legal sill sections, but it’s visibly the same car. The concept’s diesel engine has been dropped, however.

“It was never going to have a diesel,” says Carsten Breitfeld, the [...]

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