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Mercedes Upcoming 2017 Models and Beyond

The Mercedes line of luxury vehicles has long led the pack of consumers who enjoy driving the best cars that feature cutting edge technology. There are a number of new cars waiting in the wings to put tires to pavement and slice through the wind to join those already in the fast lane. Some of these are in the concept phase others have been built on the traditions and workmanship of previous generations, adding a twist of their own to the legacy of high end automobiles that are a fun gratifying challenge to drive.

Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse Cabrio ( A 217 ) 2015. S 500 mit AMG-Line, Alanitgrau magno, Leder bengalrot/schwarz

The S Class Cabriolet is one of the newer models; it is a convertible with a sweet styling design that allows for the control of draft free drive. The 2017 model has a 4.7 liter engine that brings V8 bi-turbo speed to take the corners of the road in front of the driver and master them easily. One of the issues with past models has been the comfort level during cooler months, this has been addressed by adding twelve sensors and eighteen actuators to deal with achieving proper climate control for both the driver and passengers. This is definitely the car to check out if convertibles are your driving choice; goes from zero to sixty mph in just under 5 seconds.


The seven seater GLS SUV combines safety and comfort with an adjustable transmission that allows for six different modes of driving to handle various types of terrain. The adaptive ‘Magic Vision’ system allows for better vision from the rear, side and frontal views, it is designed to help when the weather can pose problems for drivers. The most popular feature is the clean burning diesel engine allowing for an output of over 550 horsepower and a respectable amount of torque for maneuvering in tight areas. As with passenger vehicles, the safety and collision prevention assist features increase the safety factors of the car especially when compared to other vehicles.


The shift in automobiles that are more energy efficient has led to the development of the C350 Hybrid, which Mercedes has hopes of changing the focus of the economy by providing a high class automobile that can be run on either gasoline fuel or electrical fuel. The additional engine modes allow for the driver to choose the best operating system based on the type of driving and conditions needed. The selection of transmission types offered gives the sport, sport plus, comfort and economy classes equal time and usage. As with the latest models of Mercedes, the attention assist and collision prevention assist features help to keep both drivers and passengers safer.


The idea of a car that drives itself is not new, now however, it is closer than ever to becoming a possible contender for Mercedes car owners. The Mercedes F015 is unique in design and concept, allowing for a set of four comfortable seats that face each other or can rotate. Communication with the vehicle driving system can be done with gestures, eye tracking and touch screens. A rich walnut colored trim and leather covered seats add to the luxury without compromising safety features. As usual with the Mercedes brand, the future is beckoning and looking bright indeed.

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