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Let’s face it, people who opt for a BMW go beyond the price they pay for it. Of course, BMW is a luxury, whether it is a new model or a used BMW x3 xDrive28i. The money for which this car is paid does not come from the depths of the owners’ pockets but from the heights that their pride in its ownership brings them!

Price and Pride

Certainly, the price and pride do not happen just like that; they are values that accrue from the benefits, advantages, features, performance, and other superior amenities that only a BMW car can deliver.

Take The BMW x3 xDrive28i

If you have previously owned a BMW x3 xDrive28i, you would surely fall in love with this marvelous machine for all the right reasons:

1. Pride in ownership – The BMW emblem represents a top exclusive iconic class of [...]

Mercedes and BMW are two highly coveted car manufacturers that directly compete in most segments of the auto market. Both companies are prominent in the luxury segment, while both also provide sporting coupes and crossover SUVs. In any particular model year, they are definitely two companies to watch, and 2016 will be no different. Two model ranges that will be incredibly competitive are the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes E Class.

Both will offer executive saloons, and both come with prestigious badges and advanced features, but how will the market be able to choose between the two? In some cases it will come down to brand loyalty, but for some buyers, the choice won’t be so clear, as both manufacturers are offering some compelling, yet similar features.

Lightweight Manufacturing and Power Efficiency

In an effort to bring down weight and increase performance, both cars will be lighter this year. Manufacturer claims show that weight [...]

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