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A Review of the AMG Mercedes-Benz C63s

The Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 s is a very sought after vehicle that gets a lot of attention from car enthusiasts.  Under the hood it has a 4liter, twin turbo V8 with 502 HP.  The rear wheels are driven by a very slick 7 speed automatic gearbox with paddle shifters and a limited slip differential for very good traction. The acceleration on this car is phenomenal at 0-60 MPH in just 3.8 seconds if you are using the launch control feature.

The car features speed sensitive rack and pinion steering with electric power assistance.  The steering wheel is a multi-function 3 spoke flat bottom wrapped in Napa leather. There is an option for a suede steering wheel as well. The AMG has a quicker steering ratio than a standard C-Class which results in faster response and greater agility.

Mercedes-Benz AMG C63s


While similar in concept the coupe differentiates over the sedan by offering wider front rear tracks & unique rear axle with wider tires. AMG’s focus on the coupe was to give it better handling and cornering limits. The coupe’s tires are 9” wide in the front and 10.5” wide in the rear. The Michelin Pilot Sport tires provide an immense amount of grip in the corners.  A brake based torque vectoring system selectively applies the brake to the inside rear wheel to assist in the transfer of torque and helps with the car to rotate through tight corners. Like the GTS the C63 is available with 3 different braking systems.


On the entry model, 14.2” disk brakes can be found on all wheels.  When stepping up to the C63 S, 15.4” front rotors are installed to cope with the increased performance demands.  Stopping distance from 60 MPH averages from 100 and 105 feet.  If you are looking to track this car you might also want to consider the optional 2 piece 15.8” carbon ceramic front brakes. This is an exclusive option for the C63S.

Handling Characteristics

When it comes to handling, the coupe has a definitive edge over the sedan.  This is because it benefits from a thoroughly revised suspension.  It has a four link design in the front and a five link design in the rear. Aluminum is used throughout to minimize weight. Added to this, the coupe features an exclusive rear axle and subframe design that you won’t find on any other C-Class. 

Engine Performance

The engine is built exclusively at AMG headquarters. What separates the building of this engine from other manufacturers is that it is not built on an assembly line but rather by one dedicated technician. You can actually see the technicians signature on a plaque on the engine cover.  It’s a fully modern power plant with dual overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder with an advanced direct injection system, forged aluminum pistons and zirconium alloy cylinder heads for better temperature control. The cast aluminum block closed deck design and cast aluminum crankcase increases durability. With all of these advance lightweight materials the V8 has a dry weight of about 460 pounds.


If you really want a sporty sound you should sprout for the optional dual mode AMG Performance Exhaust System. It’s around $1200 for this option if buying a new one but it really releases the aggressive side of the engine sound with plenty or snarls, cracks and pops.

Fuel Economy

The C63s carries a 65 Litre tank and requires premium fuel. You can expect 18MPG in the city and 25 MPG on the highway.  You can expect an average of around 20MPG.If this is a car that interests you, at the time of this review we have a 2016 AMG C63 S in our showroom. You can always check our Mercedes-Benz Collection for all our current models.







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